DAILY INSPIRATION - Focus on Character Not Popularity

Living in a culture surrounded by many social medias, Facebook, Youtube and Instagram has made it all normal for grown-up people to obsess about comments and likes. Are we so desperate to be noticed and loved by everyone around us? This sort of popularity does not last and chasing after it simply diverts us from searching for our own true happiness, fulfillment and possibility of growth.

Actress Mia Wasikowska put it the best; ‘Popularity is very inconsistent. Sometimes it’s there, sometimes it’s not. It usually just comes in waves. One thing endures and that is character.’

Stop defining yourself by what others think and say of you. Instead, look inside yourself and define yourself by what you feel and think. Learn not to worry if your choices are not popular with people. As the important people in your life will not think less of you or stop liking you simply because you choose to do what you want.

Start your day today making choices which are right for you, to help you achieve your life goals and dreams. If you must view life as a popularity contest, then make yourself your only judge.


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