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New Acitivity - How Well Do You Know Yourself?

Here's a personality quiz with a mix of fun and thought-provoking questions to help participants explore different facets of their personalities:

  1. What's your go-to weekend activity?

    • a) Exploring nature
    • b) Reading a book or watching a movie
    • c) Socializing with friends
    • d) Trying out a new hobby or activity
  2. How do you handle stress?

    • a) Take a walk or practice mindfulness
    • b) Retreat to a quiet space for reflection
    • c) Talk to friends or family for support
    • d) Dive into work or a creative project
  3. Your favorite type of vacation is:

    • a) Adventurous - hiking, skiing, or exploring new places
    • b) Relaxing - beach, spa, or a cozy cabin in the woods
    • c) Social - city exploration, parties, or cultural events
    • d) Educational - museums, historical sites, or workshops
  4. When faced with a challenge, your approach is mostly:

    • a) Analytical - break it down into steps
    • b) Reflective - consider different perspectives
    • c) Collaborative - seek input from others
    • d) Energetic - dive in headfirst with enthusiasm
  5. What's your communication style?

    • a) Thoughtful and measured
    • b) Calm and composed
    • c) Outgoing and expressive
    • d) Energetic and dynamic
  6. Your favorite type of book or movie genre is:

    • a) Science fiction or adventure
    • b) Drama or philosophical
    • c) Comedy or romance
    • d) Action or thriller
  7. How do you make decisions?

    • a) Based on logic and facts
    • b) Considering values and principles
    • c) Through collaboration and consensus
    • d) Trusting intuition and gut feelings
  8. In a group project, you are most likely to be:

    • a) The planner and strategist
    • b) The thoughtful contributor
    • c) The team motivator
    • d) The hands-on, action-oriented member
  9. Your reaction to change is:

    • a) Adapt quickly and find solutions
    • b) Reflect on the reasons behind the change
    • c) Embrace it and see new opportunities
    • d) Thrive on change and excitement
  10. What's your preferred way to express creativity?

    • a) Problem-solving or inventing
    • b) Writing or artistic expression
    • c) Collaborative projects or events
    • d) Performance arts or hands-on activities


  • For every 'a' response, give yourself 3 points.
  • For every 'b' response, give yourself 2 points.
  • For every 'c' response, give yourself 1 point.
  • For every 'd' response, give yourself 4 points.


  • 10-15 points: You are analytical and strategic.
  • 16-20 points: You are reflective and contemplative.
  • 21-25 points: You are social and outgoing.
  • 26-30 points: You are energetic and action-oriented.

Remember, personality is complex, and these questions provide only a snapshot. Use the results as a fun way to think about different aspects of your personality!

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