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Materials & Care

Here's Everything You Need to Know About D'Happy Makers Jewelry.


Solid Gold

Solid gold represents the epitome of opulence and resilience. With it's exceptional durability, resistance to oxidation, non-tarnishing nature, corrosion resistance, water-safe quality and hypoallergenic properties, it is the embodiment of everything luxurious. However this comes with a premium price tag.

Tailored for: Those who seek the finest in life. If you desire a truly timeless piece that can be worn for a lifetime or passed down through generations, solid gold jewelry is your golden ticket.

Misfit for: Budget-conscious individuals. Solid gold requires a significant investment, and if you're not ready for such a commitment, other metals may be more suitable.

Pros & Cons: Solid gold is durable, hypoallergenic, and timelessly elegant, but it comes with the highest price tag.

Care Instructions: Solid gold requires only an occasional wipe to maintain it's charm.



Gold-filled jewelry, positioned as the middle ground between plated gold and solid gold, entails a thick layer of gold bonded to a base metal. It offers the golden glow and durability without the hefty price tag, remaining resistant to oxidation and largely water-safe.

Tailored for: Those who desire a touch of luxury without breaking the bank. If you seek a piece that stands the test of time, gold0filled jewelry is your ally, offering longevity without the expense of solid gold.

Misfit for: Individuals on an extremely tight budget. While more affordable than solid gold, it may still be pricier than other metal options.

Pros & Cons: Gold-filled jewelry provides a luxurious look, water resistance, and hypoallergenic properties. However, it has design limitations due to its manufacturing process, being available only in wire or sheet form and not casted or molded.

Care Instructions: It is low maintenance; a soft wipe with a cloth is sufficient to keep it dazzling.


Sterling Silver

925 Sterling silver stands as a timeless choice, adding a touch of classic charm while requiring attention to prevent oxidation. Although susceptible to scratches, it remains tarnish and corrosion-resistant.

Tailored for: Those enamored with intricate designs and vintage appeal. Sterling silver aficionados may appreciate the patina that forms over time, making it suitable for daily wear and minimalists.

Misfit for: Those who prefer low-maintenance jewelry. As a softer mental, sterling silver is more prone to scratches and dents. If you seek hassle-free pieces, alternative options may be more suitable.

Pros & Cons: 925 Sterling silver strikes a balance between affordability and luxury, serving as an upgrade from surgical steel or brass. Regular maintenance is required, but its ability to restore its original shine justifies the investment.

Care Instructions: Regular polishing is essential to maintain its eternal beauty.



Gold vermeil, pronounced ver-may, involves 2.5 microns of gold plating on top of sterling silver, surpassing gold-plated jewelry in longevity due to its thicker plating.

Tailored for: Those with sensitive skin and an affinity for intricate designs. Suited for minimalists who seek daily-wear pieces.

Misfit for: Those preferring easy-going styles, as vermeil is softer and more susceptible to scratches and dents than gold or platinum. If low maintenance pieces are valued, exploring alternatives is advisable.

Pros & Cons: Offering a balance between cost-effectiveness and elegance, vermeil serves as an enhancement over surgical steel or brass. Despite requiring routine case, its ability to regain its initial luster justifies the investment.

Care Instructions: Regular polishing is essential to maintain its eternal beauty.



Gold-plated brass, whether 14K or 18K, is the versatile chameleon of the jewelry world, providing the aesthetics of gold and silver at a fraction of the cost. However, it may oxidize or tarnish over time.

Tailored for: Fashion forward individuals who enjoy constantly changing their style according to trends. Ideal for those desiring the allure of gold, silver, or rose gold without the hefty price.

Misfit for: Those seeking longer commitment in jewelry, as plated pieces wear down faster than other metals. If durability is a priority, exploring other metals is recommended.

Pros & Cons: Plated brass offers the look of gold and silver but is prone to rubbing off due to its thin plating. It is also more susceptible to tarnishing when exposed to liquids or chemicals. Suitable for occasional wear or trying out new trends.

Care Instructions: Require more time and maintenance to prolong its life, including keeping it away from water and chemicals, removing during exercise, and storing in a cool, dry place. Regular gentle cleaning with a soft cloth is recommended.

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